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Happy with a nappy?

Posted by Caroline on October 24, 2006

I’m happy with my nappy…..Yesterday I reported that my husband had bought a Laugh N’ Learn Puppy for Emily from Costco – but that’s not all he picked up at the wholesale giant. For Costco, it seems, is also fantastic when it comes to making savings on nappies, wipes and other baby essentials (such as Emily’s pushchair, which we bought for far less than it cost in other high street stores).

Ever since she was born, however, I have been awaiting the moment when we could start buying our nappies from there, since they only sell them from size three and up, as opposed to offering the tiny sizes that she wore as a newborn. She’s been in size threes for a while now, but since we’ve been buying multipacks from the supermarket I haven’t had a chance to sample Costco’s deals.

When we went to the Baby Show at the weekend, though, we visited their stand and were given a voucher book with special offers on all manner of baby things – and so our Huggies were duly purchased. 420 of them, to be precise. They normally come in boxes of 210, but on this occasion they happened to be on a ‘buy two, get £14 off’ basis – and naturally we couldn’t resist, as it brought the price down to a ridiculously low level.

What I hadn’t reckoned on, however, was just how heavy nappies are when bought in bulk. Heaving them up the stairs to our flat was only slightly more difficult than carrying our 15 and a half pound daughter up them – and when I did finally make it up there, red-faced and panting, there remained the question of where exactly to put them.

Both boxes are currently residing on the spare bed in Emily’s room, while I’m forced to ask myself the question – what happens if she grows out of them before we’ve made it through all 420? Given they’re suitable for babies up to 20lb, I’m hopeful we’ll get through them (since it could be a while before she hits the 20lb mark) – but that’s still a lot of nappy-wearing to contend with.

At this point I should also mention the 2000 odd baby wipes that were also on special offer and are currently sitting in the boot of the car. But I’m still psyching myself up for carrying those upstairs.

6 Responses to “Happy with a nappy?”

  1. tater03 said

    That was an awesome deal. I wouldn’t have passed that one up either. As for the wipes my boys are now five and seven and I still buy them. They are just so handy and have so many uses.

  2. Eldragon said

    A deal like that is hard to pass up, isn’t it? Unfortunately, you’ll go through them faster then you think!

  3. Melanie said

    Oh, I bet she won’t grow out of them before you use them 🙂 It reminds me of my baby shower when I got about 10 big bags of newborn diapers. I had to give half of them away!

  4. katharina said

    It will probably take a while before Emily reaches 20 pounds (and remember that’s just an estimate, I can’t see why suddenly a 21 or 22 lb baby would start popping the tape), so I’ll bet it will be fine. As for the wipes, I agree with tater03, you’ll be using those for a long time yet.

  5. tater03 said

    Oh, I hear you on the newborn diapers. I don’t think I needed them for longer than four weeks, tops. I have learned when I go to a baby shower I always stick with the size 2.

  6. katharina said

    I needed all those newborn size, but not right away! My daughter was 5 weeks early and I needed the special “preemie” size ordered directly from the company. It was quite a while before she actually grew into the newborn size. 🙂

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