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Off to The Baby Show

Posted by Caroline on October 21, 2006

Find me some bargains, Daddy, or else…..!This weekend we decided to check out The Baby Show at London’s Earl’s Court. Having never been to a baby show before we didn’t really know what to expect (except that there would probably be a lot of babies and pregnant ladies there) but went along hoping that we might be able to snap up some bargains for Emily – or at the very least nab some decent freebies.

Tickets for the event cost £12 in advance, or £14 on the door – so I bought them in advance for myself, my husband and my mother (Emily got in for free). My attempts to buy a special ‘grandparents’ ticket for my mother were thwarted when the transaction failed to go through, and I can only assume they must have sold out of the special tickets – not that there appeared to be anything special about them, since they were the same price.

The show itself was huge – the venue is, after all – and was populated by every baby clothing, food, nappy and equipment manufacturer under the sun, as well as stands for pregnancy and baby-related organisations, parenting magazines, midwives, health visitors and plenty more. Even Costco were there, advertising their forthcoming deals on nappies and the like (where Costco used to tempt me with its giant cakes, now my eyes widen at the sight of jumbo boxes of Huggies).

On the plus side, there was plenty to see and try out. Emily had the chance to sample a new type of Huggies nappy, which she enjoyed very much – while we came back laden down with freebies including washing tablets, fabric softener, baby wipes, changing mats, a carton of follow-on milk from the good people at Milupa Aptamil, various booklets and brochures and a jar of Hipp Organic Apple Puree (which Emily is really looking forward to trying).

From our point of view though, there wasn’t an awful lot to buy. These kinds of shows are probably fantastic if you haven’t actually had your baby yet and are looking to start shopping, but since we pretty much have all the equipment already, there wasn’t really a lot else for us (after all, how many pushchairs does one really need?) –

And we weren’t really taken with the clothes on offer, ultimately finding ourselves yearning for an H&M or Monsoon baby stand. Also, the queues for food in some places – particularly the takeaway counter at Pizza Express – were ludicrously long.

It was a fun day out, ultimately, and Emily behaved impeccably throughout. Not sure it was worth the £12 entrance fee, but enjoyable nonetheless.

6 Responses to “Off to The Baby Show”

  1. Eldragon said

    Wow! That sounds really fun! You and your family are really enjoying Emily!

  2. tater03 said

    I am glad that you had an enjoyable day out. Even though you didn’t really find a whole lot that you needed it is nice to just get out every now and again.

  3. Melanie said

    When pregnant with my first, my sister dragged me to one of these Baby Expos. I came away with a lot of freebies like you, but the whole thing was exhausting! When buying, for example, a stroller(pushchair) I don’t go for the one with all the bells and whistles, but a sturdy useable one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Expo I went to seemed to be the bells and whistles type.

  4. We didn’t go for an expensive pushchair either Melanie – ours is a good one but it didn’t cost a fortune. Nonetheless Emily is very comfortable in it and we have had comments from relatives that it’s far simpler to use than some of the pricier models.

  5. katharina said

    Does Emily seem to enjoy being near other babies in that environment? My daughter used to love it when she was that age… the more people and other kids and babies, the perkier she always was. 🙂

  6. tater03 said

    I wish I wouldn’t have been able to go to one of the expos just to see what they are like. I love to get free samples of things. I have never seen them around our area though.

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