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Noise? What noise…..?

Posted by DINRIL on October 20, 2006

As I’ve mentioned previously, Emily has started sleeping through the night on a semi-regular basis in recent weeks. The past fortnight has been particularly good – with six full nights when she just hasn’t bothered waking up for a feed or anything else – allowing us the chance to re-discover the thrill of an unbroken night’s sleep.

Which of course makes it all the more annoying when something else disrupts our slumbers in the small hours. Both my husband and myself were woken at around 1.30 this morning by what sounded like Albanian rave music booming out from the flat opposite – and the obvious noises that can only mean a party in full swing.

Amazingly enough, Emily slept through the whole thing – in the same way she has slept through similar loud noises over the past few months. Our flat is in close proximity to a railway track that plays host to everything from regular passenger trains through to nuclear trains and the Orient Express. Since we sleep with the windows open in the summer I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been woken by an ear-splitting diesel engine at 4am – yet none of this seems to bother Emily.

Despite her ability to ignore the goings-on in the outside world, however, it’s a different story when the noise is a little closer to home. We’ve become used to creeping around our flat in the evenings, keeping the door of the living-room closed while we watch TV. And I have lost count of the number of times I’ve lain in bed cross-legged instead of getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night for fear of waking her up.


5 Responses to “Noise? What noise…..?”

  1. tater03 said

    That is just so annoying you got woke up and it was a neighbors music. This would tick me off too.

  2. Melanie said

    What a blessing to have a baby that sleeps through loud noises like that. Especially the trains. When my eldest was young, we lived pretty close to a race track. Every Saturday night, the vroom vroom vroom would keep him up till midnight!

  3. katharina said

    Good for Emily! This is very good… I can’t even remember how long we were still getting up in the night, but I can guarantee it wasn’t this soon that it stopped! 🙂

  4. sbarber77 said

    rooke seems to sleep through everything but her hunger. I usually have to get up at 3:00 in the morning to feed her and then all is good until 8 or 9.

  5. Eldragon said

    yes, being woke up by inconsiderate neighbors being loud is no fun at all. I feel your pain. Once I’m awake – I usually stay that way for awhile, too!

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