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Cheap and very cheerful

Posted by Caroline on October 17, 2006

Yay Mummy, I’m having fun…..It seems that sometimes the cheapest toys can prove to be the biggest diversions for babies. Before Emily was born we bought a relatively inexpensive baby gym from Ikea – which unlike more hi-tech gyms consisted of a selection of simple shapes on a bar.

Like most Ikea purchases, it was self-assembly (and unlike most Ikea purchases, we actually had no trouble assembling it) – and once we’d clipped the relevant parts together, we proudly presented it to our newborn.

At first, she showed little interest in it, staring at it for a while then getting bored and wanting to move on to the next thing. Thinking she wasn’t that keen I removed it from her play area – until last week, that is, when we tried it again.

This time she couldn’t get enough of it – hitting the shapes, pulling them and generally spending ages lying under it in fascination. Now, if I don’t put it on the playmat, she stares around, wondering where it is.

The irony is that it cost a lot less than a lot of baby gyms, yet it’s proved to be just as much of a diversion for Emily – even if it took her time to actually succumb to its charms.

She’s also become fascinated with things that rustle and generally make a noise, and I am forever having to move her over on the changing table because she’s discovered a packet of nappies or a bag or something else she shouldn’t be touching. I confidently predict that come her first birthday she will discard all her carefully chosen presents and play with the wrapping paper instead.

8 Responses to “Cheap and very cheerful”

  1. sulz said

    you’re right, when it comes to kids, don’t spend a bomb on toys and clothes! they’ll outgrow everything too quickly at their age. kids enjoy any toy that’s “new” to them, even though you pick that new toy off a garage sale or a flea market.

  2. katharina said

    Ah, good thing that you remembered to try the gym again when Emily was a bit older! I know those things happen and often when something isn’t exciting at one point, we just need to bring it out again a little later and it’s a favorite. You’re also right about the paper 🙂 because I’ve seen that often, too… that and the *boxes* that really great toys came packed in!

  3. Melos said

    I have come to understand that the best toy for a mobile kid (meaning not a baby-baby) is a big box. A big box incites the imagination the way an expensive toy could never. Sounds like Emily is exploring her other senses 🙂

  4. tater03 said

    I got this poster in the mail when I was pregnant with my first son. It was just a poster that was all different shapes everywhere and it was just black, white, and red. I hung it next to the changing table and he would just stare at it. It made changing his diapers so much easier because he was so enthralled with this poster.

  5. katharina said

    All sizes of boxes and a couple of pots with wooden spoons can keep a toddler busy for a very long time, absolutely! (Skip the pots if you have a problem with headaches, however!) 🙂

  6. sbarber77 said

    My firend gives her baby the lids off of frozen juice cans. They are ones with rounded edges so they are not sharp. The kids love playing with one in each hand!

  7. Eldragon said

    Don’t worry – that changes with time! By the time Emily is 8 or 9 she’ll be into computers, Gameboys, Ipods and motorcross!

  8. Melanie said

    Another great replacement for the nappy bag is a largish square of that plasticy cellophane you get in gift baskets (or around gift baskets). They come in colors and even irridescents and are delightfully crunchy.

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