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The Best Dressed Girl

Posted by DINRIL on October 14, 2006

Following on from yesterday’s tribute to Emily’s hats, we spent the afternoon today stocking up on her wardrobe. This is of course a regular occurrence, since no sooner have we made one shopping trip on her behalf, than she has grown out of our purchases and needs even bigger and better clothes.

As a result, Emily is now the proud owner of a whole bunch of H&M goodies, including a green linen dress and matching green cardigan, several T-shirts and a burgundy silk Chinese print frock which unsurprisingly proved irresistible.

The great thing about H&M is that not only do they do great clothes for babies and children, it’s also very cheap – so unlike other stores, you don’t feel like you’re wasting your money if you pay full price for an item.

Since Emily grows out of stuff so quickly it somehow doesn’t seem worth spending a fortune on anything, only for her to then wear it twice. I just wish that they did some of the baby clothes in grown-up sizes, as I really wouldn’t mind some of them for myself!

Then it was on to Baby Gap, where we snapped up some bargain trousers, a denim jacket and a pink and white striped cardigan in the sale. We then came to the conclusion that she probably now has enough to last her through the 3-6 month period. Except of course this will probably last about as long as it takes for us to spot another must-have for her wardrobe.


7 Responses to “The Best Dressed Girl”

  1. Eldragon said

    I find it amazing that she doesn’t soil these beautiful clothes! How do you keep her from drooling all over them?

  2. Melos said

    Linen and silk! Wow! She must look like an absolute DREAM, but I would never have bought fabrics that needed dry-cleaning or ironing for my babies. Hat’s off to you.

  3. Actually, it’s all machine washable – forgot to mention that as well as being lovely, H&M’s clothes are also very practical. As far as drooling goes, we just follow her round with a muslin and wipe her clean on a regular basis. Thankfully milk doesn’t stain 🙂 She will be issued with some very large bibs once she starts solids though!

  4. tater03 said

    I just recently went through clothes the boys had outgrown to give to one of my friends. I could not believe the amount of clothes that I bought that they never even wore. I found I over bought with my first one, but I guess that is normal. Oh, how I remember the drooling. Yes, you will definently need a huge bib when they start on solids. You have a great day.

  5. Eldragon said

    What do you do with the clothes she grows out of? Are you planning on having more children? (Just a note : we have one child and wish we had another, but I waited too long. It never seemed right – I was 33 when I had my daughter and we spoiled her rotten. She never wanted a sibling, but by the time she was in kindergarden, then she did. I felt I was getting too old – but I wish I had tried for another.)

  6. Haven’t decided what to do with all the clothes she grows out of, but some stuff will go in her keepsake box for her to have when she’s older (the butterfly print coat for example) and other stuff we are holding on to as we know other people who are expecting and if any of them have girls then we have plenty of things we can pass on! (in fact, a lot of our newborn stuff was unisex so even if they have boys there are still things they can have…..)

  7. katharina said

    A keepsake box is a lovely idea. I still have some of those tiny dresses and it’s fun to look at them sometimes.

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