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The Night Listener

Posted by DINRIL on October 12, 2006

Zzzzzzz………Even before I had Emily, I was never the best of sleepers. According to my mother I didn’t start sleeping through the night on a regular basis until I was four years old and now, at the grand old age of 35 I still don’t sleep through – the only difference now being that I don’t wake my mother up and tell her.

My daughter, on the other hand, is showing signs of taking after her father, who is generally out like a light within seconds of his head hitting the pillow (and for this I am of course eternally grateful). When she slept in our room I was constantly leaning over to check she was OK in her carrycot – especially on those nights when she decided to sleep through to the early hours of the morning.

I was hopeful that I might lose this habit once she moved into her own room – but come the small hours I still find myself waking up listening out for any slight snuffle or sigh, suggesting that this is clearly a hard habit to break.

She sleeps through the night semi-regularly now, and it’s lovely when it happens, although more often than not I’m called upon for a feed towards the morning. They’re actually a lot more fun than they sound – for starters Emily can always be relied upon to be lying in her cot with at least one mitten off and an oh-so-innocent ‘I didn’t do it’ style expression on her face.

Secondly, post-feed winding seems to take on whole new dimensions at night – either she falls asleep mid-feed, thus proving impossible to wind, or no sooner do I sit her up than she lets forth with an almighty burp just loud enough for the population of Germany to hear.

And try as I might to keep night feeds quick and simple, Emily still manages to find ways to amuse me. One night a couple of weeks ago, I had just sat her upright when I felt something warm and wet on my arm. I looked down to discover that my half-asleep daughter was licking my wrist. And trust me, it’s moments like that that are well worth getting up for.


5 Responses to “The Night Listener”

  1. tater03 said

    I used to constantly check on my sons. Any little noise I would go in and check. The other thing was wondering if they were to hot or to cold. I found with the second baby I didn’t worry half as much. I was much more relaxed.

  2. katharina said

    This made me smile… how well I remember that checking. My baby was premature and I was constantly checking for breathing. 🙂 Sleeping through the night, we won’t even go there… she didn’t do that for the longest time but I used to enjoy our 2 a.m. playtime. 🙂 Not so sure I could handle that anymore!

  3. Melos said

    I still check on my boys and they are 7 and 8. If I wake up in the night and cannot hear my eldest snoring, I automatically assume he has smothered. I go and check and pull up their blankets and gaze down lovingly at how sweet they are when they are not running about and fighting with eachother.

  4. katharina said

    I’m so glad to read that, Melos… I was thinking I was the only one who did that after a child is out of baby stage! 🙂

  5. tater03 said

    Your not the only one. I still also check on the boys when it’s to quiet in there room. I think it’s something alot of us do as mothers.

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