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Ways to entertain your baby

Posted by DINRIL on October 11, 2006

Emily feels like dancin’The older Emily gets, the more capable she is becoming of entertaining herself. Today, for example, she spent ages lying on her playmat hitting the shapes on her baby gym – something of an achievement since previously all she had ever done was lie there and eye them suspiciously.

Meanwhile, her new favourite thing when I’m changing her or dressing her is to lie on the changing mat and try and grab whatever comes to hand – the nearest bag of nappies, usually. And her fascination with her cot bumpers has to be seen to be believed. This is of course par for the course for babies – you spend good money on exciting and educational toys for them only to discover they’d much rather play with the the wrapping because it’s bright and shiny and makes funny rustling noises.

Despite her new-found interest in the world around her, my husband and myself still find ourselves going to great lengths to entertain her, in the hopes of getting a smile or even better, a laugh (for she has indeed started giggling).

But while other parents may rely on nursery rhymes, our little girl appears to have developed a fondness for our renditions of dodgy 80s pop tunes – Modern Romance’s Everybody Salsa is a favourite which never fails to get a grin.

The entire Duran Duran back catalogue, which I did in the space of about 10 minutes last week, also went down well, although she didn’t seem that impressed with Spandau Ballet or Human League.

On a more contemporary note, my attempts to amuse her by throwing a few shapes to the Scissor Sisters’ I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ worked spectacularly when she joined in, waving her arms and wiggling her little legs while on her playmat.

But perhaps the strangest reaction so far is the one I get for my rendition of the Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK – every time I try it, I get the biggest grin of all. Is there nothing this child won’t smile at?


5 Responses to “Ways to entertain your baby”

  1. tater03 said

    It is so great when they start to do alot more things. I can remember the first time my son laughed like it was yesterday. As soon as it happened I was constantly trying to get him to laugh.

  2. Melos said

    The only thing that ever set my youngsters off into gales of laughter is pretending to sneeze at them. At least your girl has some musical inclinations 🙂

  3. katharina said

    Every time I did singing for my daughter and she giggled, I always wondered if it was because I sounded so nasty. 🙂 But yes, they do seem to enjoy singing at this age and it’s fun obliging.

  4. Eldragon said

    This is the beginning of a wonderful stage of babyhood. From 4 months until the time she learns to walk – this is the best!

  5. tater03 said

    One thing that used to make my son laugh tons was when we would blow rasberries on his belly. He would giggle endlesslly.

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