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This time last year…

Posted by DINRIL on October 11, 2006

Today is exactly one year to the day since I discovered I was pregnant. Although I’d suspected it for a few days beforehand, the missed period was the only symptom I had – so much so that I didn’t possibly think I could be pregnant.

While the thought was of course in the back of my mind, I was convinced I felt far too well for that kind of thing – where was the violent throwing up that was the staple of every film and TV show I’d ever seen about ladies with babies? Still, I decided I’d better not put the test off any longer since the Jewish Day of Atonement, complete with 25 hour fast, was looming, and there was no way I was fasting if I really was pregnant.

I became further convinced the whole thing was a false alarm when only one pink blob turned up on my pregnancy test – until I realised I had put the stick back into the test the wrong way round. Even once I re-tested I wasn’t entirely convinced, since the area that was supposed to confirm the pregnancy was only half-filled with a very pale pink spot. It wasn’t until I did a second test a couple of days later and a second pink line appeared within about two and a half seconds that I decided I probably was pregnant after all.

The weirdest thing of all was how little things actually changed in that moment – that evening when I went home and told my husband that I thought I was expecting, he asked me what we now had to do, as if expecting me to say we had to start painting the nursery there and then. “Er, nothing really at the moment,” I pointed out.

We went on to spend an evening that bore remarkable similarity to all the evenings we’d spent before I made my monumental discovery – the only difference being that we now had a secret we couldn’t wait to share with the rest of the world.

Because the simple fact is, it’s not finding out you’re pregnant that changes your life overnight, since life as I knew it carried on as normal for many months afterwards (minus martinis and goat’s cheese of course). It’s the arrival of the baby that does that.


2 Responses to “This time last year…”

  1. Melos said

    This is very true. I found the real life-changing bit to come when relatives (especially my in-laws) were told about the impending bundle. I was suddenly made princess on high with the hopes that I was carrying a man-child. lol Out of 16 grandchildren, they had not one boy until my first son.

  2. katharina said

    I had been trying to get pregnant for quite a while, so finding out really was a life-changer for me. Although it took a while, every day was filled with plans and fears for the whole 9 months. Well, less than 8 months, actually, she was born 5 weeks prematurely. 🙂

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