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Food Glorious Food!

Posted by DINRIL on October 9, 2006

It hasn’t escaped my notice that in recent weeks my little girl has turned into a bit of a gannet. She’s always had a good appetite but has gone from eating well to basically hoovering up whatever milk is offered to her (and in some cases looking round for seconds afterwards).

She’s also been watching us eat our own meals intently. I first noticed this about a month ago when I was scarfing down a portion of my husband’s fabulous spaghetti bolognese. As soon as she caught sight of what we were doing she stopped playing and stared right at me, her tongue poking in and out of her mouth as if to say “Where’s mine?”

Now whenever I appear in the morning with a bowl of Weetabix she stops whatever she’s doing and stares at me, in the manner of a cat who’s just twigged that there’s a takeaway fish supper on the kitchen table.

All this has suggested one thing to me, and a chat with our health visitor this morning confirmed it – little girl is almost ready to start solids. So it’s bye-bye to the all-milk diet and hello, no doubt, to bits of runny sweet potato being smeared over the walls (thankfully we have orange walls so this needn’t be a problem)

Hopefully it means she may also spend more time trying to eat food and less time trying to eat other stuff – her blankets, her clothes, the pushchair strap, the sides of her changing mat – that doesn’t taste quite as nice.

My husband is of course very excited at this development since he is the cook in the household and will be charged with the task of creating delicious meals for our little girl. He is crestfallen that steak dinners are off the menu for now, and that he may have to wait a while before Emily can sample his semi-legendary curries – but I’m guessing he’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with avocados, mangoes and the like in an effort to feed his daughter.

We’re going to wait a little bit longer though, since she is having her last set of jabs tomorrow and last time they really screwed up her appetite – and there’s no point trying to ply her with baby rice if she isn’t even taking milk!

As exciting as this development may be, however, there’s a certain sense of trepidation and the realisation, once again, that our little girl is growing up. It seems like only five minutes ago that she was existing on tiny dribbles of milk, now solid food is about to make its debut in her small life. She will be ordering takeaway sushi on speed-dial before we know it.

6 Responses to “Food Glorious Food!”

  1. katharina said

    This post made me very hungry… sushi is *so* good! 🙂 I remember what fun it was starting my daughter on solid food… some of it she liked and other things she didn’t like, so it was always fun finding out.

  2. tater03 said

    Oh how I remember the very first foods my baby tried. Have a camera ready. You will get some strange faces as you try different things. Wait until she dumps her plate over her head. It always happens. I understand what your saying about her growing up so fast. I feel this way at every milestone.

  3. Eldragon said

    A baby that eats? What would that be like? Both of my girls were skinny and uninterested in food. All grandparents had to use super skills to try to trick them into opening up the hatch. Nothing really worked.

    Of course, mine didn’t sleep, either. You are so lucky to have a baby who eats and sleeps!

  4. Melos said

    Well, now when sweet baby girl munches on her clothing and blankets, they are sure to taste like the food that landed there after missing her mouth 🙂 It is a shame they have to start with yucky rice cereal and not steaks and curry, isn’t it?

  5. sbarber77 said

    I started my baby on rice cereal a couple of weeks ago and she loves it. I tried oat cereal and she won’t have anything to do with that. I am looking forward to starting all the little jars of different foods but now you’ve got me thinking about how fast I am losing my little girl!

  6. katharina said

    This is a fun time to find out which foods Emily will enjoy and not enjoy. My “little girl” (not so little anymore!) hated bananas from the beginning and still does. That one surprised me because I thought children generally like them. There were other surprises, too.

    I think it’s great that your husband will be preparing the baby food! You’ll know what you’re feeding her and you’ll not have to worry about preservatives as much as if you’d do 100% processed baby food.

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