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Emily’s Baby Blessing

Posted by DINRIL on October 8, 2006

Another excuse for a fab frock!It’s been an exciting weekend in our household. Yesterday Emily was four months old – cue lots of remarks along the lines of ‘wow, that went fast’ etc. etc. – and today we all returned to our synagogue for her baby blessing.

This event coincided with the second day of the festival of Succot (Pentecost), a harvest festival in which it’s traditional to eat and drink in a specially constructed outdoor wooden booth. Think of it as a bit of light relief after the seriousness of the recent Jewish New Year and Day Of Atonement.

Anyway, the event gave Emily the exciting opportunity to wear the pink flouncy dress which some very generous friends of ours bought her at her welcome party a couple of months back, and which had been sitting in the wardrobe ever since. (we’re now contemplating adding wings to it and dressing her in it as a fairy on Halloween).

We had to dispense with the idea of her wearing some recently purchased tights as they resembled the surgical stockings I wore in hospital after my Caesarean, but pink socks and little embroidered shoes completed the look perfectly. The dress even came complete with a little pouch bag and a big pink sash. Emily not only looked beautiful in it but like everything else at the moment, declared it to be very tasty after she tried to eat it.

The ceremony itself took place at the end of the main service and involved several babies, and Emily was an angel throughout, even appearing unphased by the point where Mummy and Daddy took her up to the pulpit to recite a psalm. After everybody had had their turn, we all gathered back underneath a prayer shawl for one final blessing before a rather nice post-service reception.

Afterwards, we headed out for pizza with friends who had joined us for the occasion, although by the point Emily was so worn out by the whole thing (bearing in mind she is still recuperating from her cold) that she fell asleep within moments of leaving the synagogue and snoozed peacefully throughout the entire meal. Clearly it’s tiring being a baby.


5 Responses to “Emily’s Baby Blessing”

  1. tater03 said

    She is just to cute. That is a very good idea to add wings to the dress. She will make a cute little fairy.

  2. Eldragon said

    Do you have a Halloween party to go to? Just wait until Emily is older, Halloween is so fun! I remember dressing up my babies ……..they both went as cats – cute little cat suits with whiskers (8 years apart but both cute as cats!)

  3. katharina said

    Tried to eat the dress, huh?! 🙂 How sweet… she must have thought it was cotton candy!

  4. tater03 said

    Just was wondering if you have made a decision on a Halloween costume yet? They have some really cute ones at the Disney store if you decide not to put the wings on the dress. I thought that was a really neat idea. You have a great day.

  5. sbarber77 said

    It is so nice when babies behave the way we want them to behave. 🙂 We took our little girl for her baptism and she was an angel too. No crying or screaming in the church! And everyone in a congregation loves a new little baby.

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