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What You Can Get For Free

Posted by Caroline on October 7, 2006

Emily in her free Fairy hatHaving a baby can be an expensive business. But when I was expecting Emily, it soon became apparent that the pregnant lady can also take advantage of lots of freebies, which, with some careful planning, can save you a fair bit of cash in the long run.

For example, joining the Boots Parenting Club was a good decision, as it offers plenty of money-off incentives and free things. A Huggies changing bag for example (free when you buy a pack of Huggies newborn nappies), which has proven invaluable – we have used it since Emily was born and it’s saved us having to buy one. OK, so it’s not one of those fancy designer bags costing £50 or more, but who really needs one of those? It does the job and that’s all that matters.

And if you register another postal address, then a relative or another friend can join as well – a handy way of getting yourself a spare changing bag, and all the accessories that come with it.

The Bounty packs that are given out in hospital to pregnant and new mums have also offered their fair share of freebies – some of which (miniature tube of toothpaste, small pack of chocolates) proved pointless.

However, other treats including free baby wipes and washing tablets were most welcome. As was the free hat from Fairy – a cute white cotton hat with the Fairy logo on it – that fits Emily perfectly.

And of course while we’re on the subject of freebies, let’s not forget the best one of all – the £250 baby bond you get from the Government after your child is born. We still haven’t decided what to do with Emily’s – whether to put it into a savings account with regular interest or an investment account which will follow the Stock Market.

But my husband keeps on moaning that while Emily and I have had plenty of freebies, there’s been nothing for him. Perhaps Boots or Bounty could come up with something for fathers too?

5 Responses to “What You Can Get For Free”

  1. tater03 said

    I used to love the freebees. Matter of fact I will have to look but I just got a free bowl the other day. I’m planning on giving it to my cousin who just had a baby. If I can find the link I’ll come back and post it here.

  2. Melos said

    Free money from the government just for having a baby! What a wonderful thing that is. I have to admit that I love getting freebies myself. There are plenty of useful things for the whole family.

  3. Eldragon said

    Here in the U.S., manufacturer’s distribute many formula and baby coupons to help out new parents. There are deals to be had for the savvy shopper.

    Your husband has a new baby girl! That’s his gift!

  4. katharina said

    Freebies are great! But in my eyes, chocolate is never pointless! 🙂

  5. sbarber77 said

    I, too, took advantage of some of the freebies offered. Free diapers and wipes never go to waste!

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