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Emily’s New Coat

Posted by Caroline on October 4, 2006

Can you spot the babyNow that the weather has become somewhat autumnal, we have had to adjust Emily’s wardrobe accordingly – which means putting away all the cute little T-shirts and shorts and bringing out her warmer things. Today it was the turn of her new coat – a bright pink fleecy number with pink fake fur trim on the hood and sleeves, together with matching pink mittens (attached to the coat in such a way that even the Mitten Fairy would have a hard job getting her hands on them).

My husband bought this when Emily was just a week old, on the basis that by the time she was big enough to wear it, the weather would be appropriate for it. I had a hard time imagining that the tiny little newborn scrap that was lying in his arms at the time would ever be big enough for it, but fast forward four months and she certainly is.

As with many warm coats though, it’s a big, bulky item – complete with duffel coat style buttons that bring to mind Paddington Bear (or would do if he had worn a pink fleecy coat). Consequently, Emily was rather surprised when we wrapped her up in it to go out this morning, as protection against the rather blustery cold wind which appeared to have sprung up.

What we didn’t realise was just how many inches the coat would add to her bulk. The first challenge came when we were trying to strap her into the car seat. She’s already starting to outgrow the straps on the seat, but throw the coat into the equation and suddenly the seat was filled to capacity. Eventually we managed to get her secure after much huffing and puffing and adjusting of straps, while she got ever more frustrated.

The pushchair straps, meanwhile, proved no problem, but a quick trip to Waitrose on the way home spelled trouble. Since Emily is not yet big enough to sit in the fold-out seat that’s a staple of most supermarket trollies, she has to be strapped in to the special plastic ‘trolley seat’ that most supermarkets provide. Which is fine when she’s in her normal clothes, but once again, when wearing a big coat, this proved to be an impossible feat.

Eventually, after I’d stretched the straps as far as I could get them and Emily had voiced her annoyance by screaming loudly enough to wake the entire car park, we gave up and simply took her coat off, strapped her in and wrapped it round her to stop her getting cold. Now why didn’t we think of that earlier?

So it seems the coat is set to give us a bundle of fun over the winter months, especially as far as straps and seatbelts are concerned. On the plus side Emily, who’s had a bit of a cold the past couple of days and hasn’t slept too well as a result, slept very soundly in her car seat while she was all bundled up in it. So clearly it has its uses after all.

7 Responses to “Emily’s New Coat”

  1. Sbarber77 said

    We jsut bought our daughter her first coat too. It is a white fleecy thing and so warm and cozy. When it gets really cold out though we have a bunting bag type cover for our car seat so that will keep the warmth in and hopefully we will not have too much adjusting of straps to do.

  2. Liz said

    It’s frustrating enough trying to find a trolly to fit your little one into, let alone then trying to strap her in.

    Don’t the supermarkets test out the trollies to make sure babies can fit into them when they wear coats? It seems not to be the case.

  3. Liz said

    By the way, it is a lovely coat. Where did your husband get it from?

  4. katharina said

    How well I remember this problem! My daughter had a huge snowsuit that simply would not fit into *anything* at all. I’ve always loved fall and winter but those baby years had me looking forward to spring. 🙂

  5. Melos said

    We abadoned the giant fluffy coat idea about 1/2 way through the first season. My guys were both born in February and it was COLD. We had fleecy coveralls for them, and lots of blankets.

  6. tater03 said

    I can remember getting so frustrated getting the straps to fit over the coat in our carseat. This is a very pretty coat. I love the sleeves.

  7. tater03 said

    When I see coats like this I wish sometimes I would have had a girl. I have two boys and there coats are just so plain. This is such a beautiful coat.

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