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Misty-Eyed Nostalgia

Posted by DINRIL on October 2, 2006

She used to be sooooo little….Although Emily is only four months old, my husband and myself have already found ourselves getting all nostalgic over certain parts of her life. He, for example, keeps remembering how tiny she was when she was first born, so much so that he could carry her with just one hand.

Meanwhile I’ve taken to walking into Mothercare and wistfully looking at the cute newborn outfits, remarking that my little girl is now too big for them (she’s now too big for her 0-3 size clothes as well, which she seemed to grow out of remarkably quickly). There was a time, in fact, when she was too small to wear proper clothes and spent her days and nights in sleepsuits. And even those were a bit on the large side.

Now, whenever she lies in her carrycot, where she slept for the first ten weeks of her life, I can’t help noticing that her head is edging closer and closer to the top. What was lovely and roomy when she was first born is now starting to look rather cramped.

Of course it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m lamenting the fact she has grown out of her current clothes size, that she no longer fits in her first size car seat and, eventually, that she’s graduated from her cot to her bed. While I expected to get nostalgic about milestones in her life, I’m just surprised the process has started so soon.

5 Responses to “Misty-Eyed Nostalgia”

  1. Jane said

    It’s true. I did the same thing. The days go quick, the weeks even quicker and before you know it, your little baby is no longer a little baby.

    So savour all those moments.

  2. katharina said

    I definitely agree with the other comment… enjoy every moment because those little ones change so quickly. And take lots of pictures! 🙂

  3. Melos said

    Definately take a lot of pictures! My eldest is 8 now, and I can barely remember how tiny he was, or how pale blonde his hair was, or how big his eyes. They lose their baby-hood way too fast!

  4. katharina said

    … And speaking of pictures, the photos you have on the side here are absolutely adorable! My favorites are the two with the yellow stuffed toy… priceless! 🙂

  5. Jacob A. said

    In contrast ,I enjoy watching my daughter grow.Every day she is becoming her own person.The babystage IS soo quick but I def.dont miss it too much (MORE SLEEP!!) and We also think that she is way cuter now.

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