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What They Don’t Tell You…

Posted by DINRIL on October 1, 2006

Five things they don’t tell you about being pregnant…

1. What it actually feels like. Before I had Emily, I was convinced that a baby bump was a hard inflexible mound akin to carrying a cannonball around in your stomach, something I’d gotten into my head after tentatively touching the bump of a pregnant colleague several years back. Naturally, this made me approach pregnancy with trepidation, until my mother pointed out that if the bump was rock hard then the baby wouldn’t actually be able to move around.

2. Not everybody gets morning sickness. Fully expecting to spend the first three months with my head down the toilet, I was surprised when the dreaded morning sickness completely passed me by. Even now, I appreciate just how lucky I was to miss that one out.

3. You suddenly become conscious of every little thing that passes your lips. Everybody knows about avoiding liver and alcohol, but who knew coleslaw was a no no? Or unwashed salad? Overnight I went from carefree eating and drinking to worrying about my tuna intake and carefully removing the salad leaves from my sandwiches in case they had the faintest trace of mud on them.

4. That not everybody will offer you their seat on the bus just because you have an obvious baby bump. The few times it did happen, it was very welcome, and the first time I used public transport after giving birth I was naturally disappointed that I no longer had the bump to my advantage and I’d just have to stand like everybody else.

5. That you won’t necessarily develop a craving for pickle flavoured ice-cream. Although I’d kind of figured that one out already.


6 Responses to “What They Don’t Tell You…”

  1. tater03 said

    These are so true. Another thing no one ever told me is your sense of smell is so much better.

  2. Lizakollman said

    i can’t wait to get pregnant – i want all of those things ! it is so exciting to hear about!

  3. PenguinMama said

    Wait, coleslaw? What’s wrong with coleslaw?? I’m sure I ate it while pregnant (I have five kids)…

    but the rest of it… yep!!

  4. sbarber77 said

    There are so many thngs that they don’t tell you. I had many surprises throughout my first pregnancy as well. Fortunately, most of the surprises were welcome ones!

  5. Jane said

    According to some people, the problem with coleslaw is that it contains mayonnaise which if from eggs, needs to make sure they are safe.

    But you can sometimes get worked up about too many things and not the important things.

    i wonder in Japan, do pregnant Japanese women eat sushi?

  6. katharina said

    Concerning your #2, 🙂 you certainly were lucky in that one! My “morning sickness” sometimes lasted all day long.

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