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Quick….the muslin!

Posted by Caroline on September 28, 2006

Dribble? Me?Since becoming a mother I’m convinced that the muslin square is the greatest invention in the world. Apparently I used to carry one of these around as a comforter when I was a child, but until now they haven’t played much of a role in my adult life.

Now, however, they are indispensable, mainly to wipe up spilled milk and the vast amounts of dribble that seem to fall from Emily’s mouth (which seems to happen most often when she is lying on one of us – it’s almost as if she is trying to spit on us from a great height) I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard my husband shriek for the muslin because Emily has brought milk up all over his trousers, T-shirt or, in extreme cases, the carpet or sofa.

More recently, she’s started using them as a comfort blanket of sorts also, grabbing hold of them with both hands and, like everything else recently, putting them in her mouth to see if they taste nice (or perhaps she is optimistically hoping that they might dispense milk). The other day she even went to sleep in her car seat clutching one.

And as we recently discovered, when you’ve finished using them for more mundane purposes, you can throw them over your head and pretend to be a scary ghost. At the very least this should save money on Halloween outfits.

3 Responses to “Quick….the muslin!”

  1. Jane said

    Love the idea of using a muslin to pretend to be a scary ghost by putting it over yor face.

    I do this to my little one when we play boo and it really is funny.

  2. Melos said

    Wow. I never thought a simple piece of muslin could be so versatile! I also never thought it was very absorbant – for cleaning up spills and the like. I always used an unfolded cloth diaper – the old-fashioned flat type – for these purposes!

  3. Lizakollman said

    That’s so cute, using muslin for all of that! and especially the BOO part!

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