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“She’s like a little cat, isn’t she….?”

Posted by DINRIL on September 26, 2006

Feed me!Reasons why babies and cats aren’t so different….

1. Like cats, babies always appear to be on the lookout for their next meal as soon as they’ve finished the previous one. A rather gorgeous, fluffy-haired cat which lives on our development is a prime example of this – although it’s obviously well looked after by its owners, it’s clearly being fed by many other gullible neighbours, and we frequently catch it sitting on the window sill of one such person, with a kind of “I’m SOOOOOO hungry, I haven’t eaten for at least 17 minutes!” look on its face. Such as the case with Emily, it seems, who can consume her entire bodyweight in milk and five minutes later be rooting at any part of my body which might produce more milk (the inside of my elbow is particularly popular)

2. Cats always reserve the most affection for whoever it is who puts food in their bowl. And so does Emily. “Look at the way she looks at you,” people say to me. “Yes, because I’m the one that feeds her!” I helpfully point out.

3. Cats can, and do, wake you up at all hours of the day and night. By sleeping on your bed, pawing at your face or simply mewing a bit too loudly. Emily, of course, doesn’t paw at my face (well, not when she’s asleep anyway). But she does mew quite loudly at 4 in the morning.

4. They both have claws (or in Emily’s case, little sharp fingernails). And they scratch.

5. They know exactly how to wrap you round their little finger by looking all cute and innocent. Which means that you just have to forgive them no matter what they’ve done.


5 Responses to ““She’s like a little cat, isn’t she….?””

  1. Lisa said

    What a lovely cat and how right you are when comparing babies to little cats. They do have so much in common.

    I would add an extra to your top 5 list.

    At number 6, babies and cats also love to have their tummy tickled.

  2. Jill said

    And here’s 7, 8, 9 and 10.

    7. Babies and cats both like to be comforted
    8. Babies and cats both like to look at themselves in the mirror
    9. Babies and cats both like to roll over when showing off
    10. Babies and cats both like to purr!

  3. liza said

    puppies are the same way you know!

  4. katharina said

    Very true… I have a cat now and my daughter is no longer in baby stage, but these things are very accurate! 🙂

  5. Eldragon said

    Your baby need the food you give her, as does your kitten; but they also love you because you provide companionship, warmth and security.

    I love cats and kittens, and in fact, have 12! I appreciate people who are secure enough to love cats and aren’t afraid to have them around their children. Ever hear that old suspicion that a cat will steal a babies breath? How ridiculous!

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