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The Mitten Fairy

Posted by Caroline on September 25, 2006

Mittens? What mittens?A few weeks ago, on one of those nights when Emily decided she wasn’t going to go to sleep, I noticed she was scratching at her face as she lay in her cot kicking and cooing and generally deciding that 9pm on a Sunday evening is playtime.

Eventually she nodded off, but when she woke up for her feed at 4am I noticed scratches on her face, due to the fact that she has nails like tiny razor blades. My attempt to cut them the other week proved futile when I managed to get two done before she realised what I was doing. Cue much screaming from her and general feelings of guilt from me.

Still, at this stage I decided enough was enough, and that from now on she would just have to wear mittens at night to stop her from causing any further damage. A pair were duly bought and put on her hands that evening and, to my astonishment, she simply accepted them with a kind of  “OK, so I’m going to wear mittens now,” expression on her face.

Except of course the one thing I hadn’t reckoned upon was how easy she would find it to actually get them off her hands – in some cases even before I had finished feeding her and put her to bed. For the next couple of weeks whenever I went into her room for her night feed I would find her staring up at me from her cot, one mitten still on, the other lying about four miles away from her actual hand.

Of course it went straight back on (and you try putting a mitten back on a wriggly baby’s hand at 4am when all she wants is to eat and go back to sleep again) but by the time she woke up in the morning the other one would mysteriously have “fallen off”.

Since Emily’s expression upon my discovering this was one of pure innocence, I can only assume it was the work of the Mitten Fairy, a mythical sprite who is clearly related to the Sock Fairy (that creature who caused one of Emily’s socks to accidentally “fall off” in Brent Cross Shopping Centre a few weeks back). I have it on good authority that these two are in cohorts with their cousin The Shoe Fairy, whose job it is to make sure that any cute shoes put on Emily’s feet vanish in suspicious circumstances about five minutes later.

Now, however, she has some new mittens, ones which are much more difficult to remove and do in fact stay on all night, and The Mitten Fairy has been rendered oddly redundant.

I still maintain that that magical creature was responsible for the other mittens coming off in the first place, however. Because it couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with my daughter.

2 Responses to “The Mitten Fairy”

  1. Debbie said

    Love that story about the Mitten Fairy. I always wonder myself how babies manage to remove their mittens and other items of clothing.

  2. Lisa said

    I gave my little one some mittens as noticed that like your Emily, he was scratching his face.

    He has used them for about 6 months now without any problems.

    But does anyone make them in any colour other than white? Would be nice to have some funky coloured ones.

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