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Look! It’s Emily! And she’s doing stuff…

Posted by DINRIL on September 24, 2006

Look at me, I’m smart!Babies don’t do very much when they’re first born. Despite any parental expectations that their little darling will burst into the world reciting Shakespeare while performing a tap dance to rival Fred and Ginger, the simple fact is that for the first month or so of their lives, babies do little beyond eating, filling nappies, screaming and sleeping at entirely inappropriate times.

Emily, for example, tended to snooze all day when visitors were heading back and forth in a kind of revolving door formation, then suddenly be wide awake and bright-eyed at 11pm just as we were thinking about going to bed. Most of the time though, she just lay there looking a bit lost and puzzled, meaning all our attempts to get her to respond to toys, songs etc., were rendered a bit pointless.

To me, this stage seemed to last such a long time that it was hard to imagine what she might be like once she did start interacting and responding. And then suddenly it happened…

When she was five weeks old, we put her in her bouncy chair one evening while we had our dinner, fully expecting that she would perform her usual trick of being quiet for about five minutes, wriggling and whinging a bit and then graduating into full-on screaming before we’d even had a chance to take a bite of our food. Instead, she sat in the chair staring intently at something with a look of genuine wonder on her face.

What she found so fascinating, I have no idea – but she carried on staring at whatever it was right through dinner and for about 45 minutes afterwards. And that opened the floodgates for a whole stream of new skills – from improved head control (which means we can no longer refer to her by her newborn nickname of Miss Floppyhead) to her ever so amusing ability to grab hold of a chunk of my hair and hold on really tightly (yes, I really appreciate that one). What is amazing about her new-found skills, though, is how excited my husband and myself become every time she masters something else, no matter how mundane.

“Look, Emily’s learned how to cross her legs!” “Hey, Emily’s touching stuff!” “Wow, Emily’s waving her hand around!” are examples of the kind of conversations we have now. The day she started “talking” – which in her world involves making random cooing noises – was a real cause for celebration, and since then has resulted in endless phone calls to relatives in which I sit there positively encouraging Emily to talk.

Of course, what normally happens is that my mother answers the phone to a barrage of heavy breathing from my daughter – not necessarily something you really want to hear at the other end of a phoneline – followed by the occasional hiccup. Which isn’t quite what we were aiming for. Still, it’s a start.


3 Responses to “Look! It’s Emily! And she’s doing stuff…”

  1. Lizakollman said

    What a fantasitc trip you are on! Take care to treasure each moment!

  2. Melos said

    Awww… I remember the early days well. Every facial expression is a reason to get excited, every hand-wave and kick is an excuse to call the grandparents. Enjoy the trip – it goes by faster than it seems!

  3. katharina said

    The picture on this entry is precious… my goodness, there’s such a difference in Emily’s looks in just one month! Growing up fast for sure!

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